Last Updated April 10, 2024


SMART: Estimated Life Remaining Is Lower Than 100%

Explanation Of Estimated Life Remaining


When using Solidigm Synergy™ Toolkit or Soldigm™ Storage Tool, my drive's SMART attribute Estimated Life Remaining is below 100%.


It is expected for the life remaining to go down as you use the drive.

Here are the reasons why:

  • NAND can only be erased/written to (Program/Erase cycles or P/E cycles) a limited number of times. When the limit is reached, spare NAND will be consumed.
  • Estimated Life Remaining is a calculation of NAND still available.
  • When all spare NANDs are consumed, the drive goes into Read-Only Mode.
  • The SSD will no longer be able to store new data. However, users will be able to pull old data off for a period of time.

See Solidigm Synergy™ Toolkit User Guide and Solidigm™ Storage Tool GUI User Guide for more information.

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SMART: Estimated Life Remaining Is Lower Than 100%