Last Updated September 18, 2023


How To Collect System Logs In Windows*

After A System Crash, We Often Require System Logs For Debug. This Article Shows How To Extract Logs From Windows* And Linux* Systems

In case of system crashing/screen of death/SSD IO timeouts and many other situations, obtaining system logs is imperative for further debug. This article describes how to extract system logs in Windows*.

Extracting System Logs in Windows*. HW/FW configuration plays important role and needs to be provided together with System logs.

1. Configuration example is below, and configuration can be exported.

2. Memory dump is a log with information about the issue.

It can be collected in C:WindowsMinidumpMemory.dmp

3. Windows* Event logs

Go to the Windows* "Start" menu and type "Event Viewer" to get the window shown below. Save all the events and obtain the .zipfile and attach to the case.

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How To Collect System Logs In Windows*