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View And Change Solidigm™ (Formerly Intel®) Storage Tool Configuration Settings

See And Change SST Configuration


​​How to view the Solidigm™ Storage Tools or Solidigm Synergy™ Toolkits configuration, as well as how to change it.

View Tool Configuration


  • SynergyCLI.exe show -system
  • sst show -system


Current tools settings are outputted, which may include:

  • EnableLog
    • false by default
    • Needed by Solidigm to debug possible tool issues.
  • EnableLSIAdapter
    • SST ONLY!
    • false by default
    • Allow supported commands to pass through specific RAID cards.
  • LogFile
    • Path to the tools log.
    • Needed if EnableLog has been set to true.



EnableLog Logging


  • SynergyCLI.exe set -system EnableLog=True (or False)
  • sst set -system EnableLog=True (or False)


The tool will now keep a verbose log of what is (or is not) happening and it's saved in the tools LogFile.


  • Check tool settings
    • See View Tool Settings (above)
  • EnableLog needs to be true.
    • SynergyCLI.exe set -system EnableLog=true
    • sst set -system EnableLog=true
  • Retry the failing command
  • Collect the log (see LogFile path) & send it to Solidigm.
  • You may turn off SST logging
    • SynergyCLI.exe set -system EnableLog=false
    • sst set -system EnableLog=false

RAID Card Enablement

SST ONLY setting.


  • sst set -system EnableLSIAdapter=true (or false)


For supported RAID cards:

    • SAS 9260-16i
    • SAS 9270-8i
    • SAS 9341-4i
    • SAS 9341-8i
    • SAS 9361-4i
    • SAS 3808
    • SAS 3808N
    • SAS 3816
    • SAS 3908
    • SAS 3916
    • SAS 9500-16e
    • SAS 9500-16i
    • SAS 9500-8e
    • SAS 9500-8i
    • SAS 9502-16e
    • SAS 9502-16i
    • SAS 9540 16i
    • SAS 9540-2M2
    • SAS 9540-8i
    • SAS 9560-8i
    • SAS 9562-16i
    • SAS 9580-8i
    • SAS 9580-8e

This command enables supported SST features to pass through the card to the drives.


  • Check SST settings: sst show -system
  • If a RAID card is supported, run:
    • sst set -system EnableLSIAdapter=True

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View And Change Solidigm™ (Formerly Intel®) Storage Tool Configuration Settings